A CLAYPITS ICONOGRAPHY – Announcing a creative photography project for youth ages 12-20

Claypits Youth Artists are excited to announce our first arts opportunity for youth – a creative photography project open to youth ages 12-20.

Using animals and plants that inhabit the site, participants will create a photographic iconography of the Claypits in which they embody these creatures, informed by an ecological understanding of how they thrive and our relationship to nature as humans.

Workshops will take place on Saturdays from August 21st to September 11th, consisting of 1 Zoom workshop and 2-3 in-person sessions on the claypits itself, with a digital exhibition of the final works presented in September.

Skills and knowledge the participants will develop include:- The biodiversity of the site- Composition and framing- Costume/makeup- Opportunities for multimedia creation

Workshops will be taught by Kloee Huberdeau, a multi-disciplinary artist and performer from Calgary Canada, currently studying Contemporary Performance Practice at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. Kloee’s artistic practice includes performance creation, visual art, and youth drama facilitation. Kloee believes that it is every person’s right to express themselves through creativity.

If you or your child would like to be part of this project, please complete this form: https://forms.gle/yPqv62c7u34kVvMSA

If you have questions or need more info, feel free to send an email to [email protected]