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Guided Walks II: Histories and Herstories, Kidstories

August 28, 2021 @ 10:30 am - 12:00 pm

A walk and talk event where everyone is an expert. Come and have a conversation with artist Mitch Miller and trade unionist Hailey Maxwell.

About this event

What do you know about this place? Histories and herstories, perhaps some kidstories . What do you know by experience, what do you know by stories your friends or relatives might have told you about this place, what it was, what it is and perhaps some thoughts about what it will become in the future?

Who will lead the walk and talk?

Mitch Miller is the Hamiltonhill Claypits Local Nature Reserve, artist in residence for 2021. He draws pictures and retells stories about people in places. He invented a mapping and drawing style he calls a Dialectogram in 2009. He has spent time walking, talking, and drawing at Lambhill Stables, the Barras and other communities across Scotland.

Hailey Maxwell is an art historian and trade unionist who works with a number of organisations to support women and those who are not usually heard to tell their stories. Hailey leads the Thistles & Dandelions Project which is focused upon contributing to Scottish Women’s history.

Mitch and Haley also do some work together on ‘The Drouth’ an arts and culture magazine published in Glasgow. Founded in 2001 by Mitchell Miller and Johnny Rodger. Although its title is Scots (Eng: The Thirst) the magazine is published mostly in English though features and fiction do appear in languages such as Broad Scots and Scottish Gaelic.